One hundred thirteen

Tomorrow I will wear a shoe on my left foot for the first time in 113 days.

I have an appointment to pick up my custom orthotics, which I will have to wear in my shoes for the next 6-12 months. Tomorrow begins the process of weaning from the boot, which sounds like, “Great! All better! Done!”, but I think this is actually where the real work begins.

Now I have to actually walk. No more boot, no more crutches, just me and my owie foot, learning to walk and swim and bike and run again. This is the hard part. Lying around hurting is easy. But now I have to work. I have to fight my way back to being able to work out every day, only now it will be harder than it was before. I will struggle for what most people take for granted, a simple one foot in front of the other. And somehow I will get from there to a triathlon in 6 months. I hope you’ll come along for the ride; it’s bound to be interesting.

But for now, I just want to focus on the fact that while I may only tolerate wearing it for a few minutes, ding dang it, tomorrow,I am going to wear a shoe!


About leftfootchronicles

In 2010, I went from 0 to Triathlon in 8 months and completely changed my life in the process. In October, on the very day I decided I would train for a half-marathon, I tripped and suffered an injury to my left foot that, in the words of my doctor, ends athletes' careers. I am not prepared to give up so quickly.
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One Response to One hundred thirteen

  1. fractralfoot says:

    If it helps…I found that wearing a D-width sneaker with the tongue removed and replaced with gauze or thin spongy material got me into shoes more easily. At first I couldn’t even get my foot into my hiking boots. Now, almost two years after the original injury, my foot is pretty much its old size. I can wear my old shoes…the only ones I haven’t tried are my ice skates. So don’t get discouraged if your foot is too big to get into your old shoes. It still may have quite a way to go before it gets back to normal!

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