Something clicked today. It was as though my foot just decided, “ok, we can walk now.” I used my crutches to get to work and then set them in the corner, where they sat unused all day. I kept waiting for all the walking to be enough but I felt alright so I just went with it.

I walked into physical therapy tonight under my own power, without crutches. I left them at home and didn’t miss them one bit. Everyone there was genuinely happy to see me walking. There were high fives and congratulations all around.

I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful they are. I feel nurtured and supported and it makes all the difference.

I will probably be sore tomorrow but that’s ok, because today I walked.


About leftfootchronicles

In 2010, I went from 0 to Triathlon in 8 months and completely changed my life in the process. In October, on the very day I decided I would train for a half-marathon, I tripped and suffered an injury to my left foot that, in the words of my doctor, ends athletes' careers. I am not prepared to give up so quickly.
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