My Left Foot: The Year in Review

I have spent much of the last two months wallowing in misery over the things I cannot do because of my left foot (which is basically everything). But the truth of the matter is that the first ten months of 2010 were pretty great. So instead of continuing my wallow, I thought I would start the new year by reviewing some of the things my left foot and I accomplished together in 2010.

  • Committed to working out regularly and hard – and followed through.
  • Started to run, even though we didn’t like it. Because sometimes it’s good for you to do something new, even if it’s hard and not fun.
  • Learned to think of food as fuel for my workouts and ate accordingly.
  • Learned that when I want to eat something bad for me, it needs to be high quality, otherwise it’s not worth undoing the workout we just did or are about to do.
  • Organized a major project at work and went on first business trip ever to see it through.
  • Ran a 5k and learned that all kinds of regular people run races.
  • Did a 5k run/6 mile bike race. Learned that many people treat cycling as a religion. A very expensive religion. Brought home a ribbon.
  • Worked with minister and husband to prepare a church service. Read a personal reflection as though I am a person with some wisdom and experience, and provided the music.
  • Went on second business trip to Atlanta for training in a new area that would hopefully advance my career.
  • While in Atlanta, used our precious few free hours to visit the MLK National Historic Site.
  • Learned to Make Things Happen and Take What is Ours.
  • Used newfound mojo to become a catalyst – professionally and personally.
  • Completed our first triathlon – and in the exact time we’d set as a goal for ourselves.
  • Asked for a raise. Were persistent and eventually got it.
  • Went on 6 hour back country hike with family and weren’t exhausted afterward.
My Left Foot and I in Better Times

My Left Foot and I hiking in Bon Echo Provincial Park, August 2010

  • Tricked family into canoe trip that involved a couple of portages and proved to them that the effort was worth it, even when we got caught in a rainstorm.
  • Played a gig with one day’s notice and no rehearsals.
  • Gained enough confidence in our musicianship that we started to jam like we know what we are doing. Discovered that we can get more in touch with our musician mojo when we are barefoot.
  • Lost 30 pounds.
  • Got promoted from the 2nd violin section to the 1st violin section of our community orchestra, because we said we wanted it.
  • Had the privilege of being able to sing and play standards at an anniversary party. Got paid to do something I would have done for free.
  • Reconnected with a long lost and greatly missed relative.
  • Got asked to play in a rock band. 
  • Decided we wanted a promotion, worked very hard and got it. Because it is ours and we deserve it.
  • Learned to love running after all.

I don’t know for certain what 2011 will bring, but if 2010 taught me anything it’s that if I want something, all I have to do is claim it. I am looking forward to finding out what that will mean this year.


About leftfootchronicles

In 2010, I went from 0 to Triathlon in 8 months and completely changed my life in the process. In October, on the very day I decided I would train for a half-marathon, I tripped and suffered an injury to my left foot that, in the words of my doctor, ends athletes' careers. I am not prepared to give up so quickly.
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1 Response to My Left Foot: The Year in Review

  1. Betty (CZ) says:

    You’re always an inspiration and catalyst! You can add “uplifting writer” to your accomplishments.

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