On the Importance of Socks

Today I want to take a few minutes to talk about the wonder of socks. Specifically, compression stockings.

For a few weeks now, ever since the post-surgery constant searing pain wore off and became more of a constant dull ache with occasional twinges of stabbing pain, I have maintained that my biggest problem was swelling. I couldn’t be up on my crutches for more than a couple of minutes at a time because the swelling was immediate and unbearable. The moment I took my foot off my stack of pillows I could watch my toes swell and turn purple.

Imagine for a moment that you have a thick rubber band around the ball of your foot and four more somehow between each of your toes.

Now imagine feeling like that for a month or more, and that the only thing that slightly helps is sitting very still with your foot up very high.

Since getting my cast off yesterday, I have been wearing compression stockings. And they are making all the difference. After 2 months of having my left foot contantly elevated, I can sit normally for short periods. I can be mobile on my crutches for up to 7 minutes at a stretch before anything resembling pain sets in.

My doctor didn’t prescribe compression stockings; my husband works for a company that makes them, so he suggested that I try them. He may be dumb about certain husbandly things, but about this, he was really smart.

I cannot stress this enough: for anyone going through a similar situation, wear compression stockings, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal to get them.

I have no idea how many times I have teased my husband about being a sock tester for a living. But today those socks saved my sanity.


About leftfootchronicles

In 2010, I went from 0 to Triathlon in 8 months and completely changed my life in the process. In October, on the very day I decided I would train for a half-marathon, I tripped and suffered an injury to my left foot that, in the words of my doctor, ends athletes' careers. I am not prepared to give up so quickly.
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One Response to On the Importance of Socks

  1. Sorry to hear about your lisfranc injury. It’s a long process that takes time, just remember to do everything in moderation….push yourself, but not too far. If you have the resource, I’d recommend swimming laps or doing water aerobics, it’s great for getting the movement back in your foot without the pressure and throbbing. Best of luck!!

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